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Price match guarantee*

TBSM regularly monitors the local bicycle market to make sure that you can get the best deal on your new ride from a store that you trust. If you have seen a lower advertised price on a bike that you are looking for please request a price match from our friendly staff. To request a price match click on the "ENQUIRE NOW" below the bike that you are interested in, or click this link and follow the prompts. Please add your full contact details and also a URL link to the advertised bike.
*Bike must be in stock at at the alternate dealer and available from TBSM. TBSM reserves the right to deny a price match if the bike is priced at or below cost.

Rent Your Ride with Studio 19

Ride away on your dream bike today!

Ride away on your dream bike today with Studio 19 Bike Rentals and TBSM! Studio 19 Rentals gives you a chance to ride your dream bike without being locked into a rigid contract for years on end. With Studio 19 you can stay ahead of the pack with the latest bike technology plus the benefits of a low monthly payment and an optional protection plan without the locked in nature of regular finance offers.

Renting your new bike with Studio 19 allows you to return any time after your rental minimum. Happy with your dream ride and want to own it? With Studio 19 you can thanks to their option to apply to buy. Want to try something different or upgrade to the latest tech after your rental minimum? No problem!

Studio 19 Frequently Asked Questions

How does Studio 19 Rentals Work?

At Studio 19 we understand passion, our company was built on it. We want everyone to have access to the things that ignite and inspire their creativity. So instead of having to buy something outright, you can rent and take it home for a small payment each month.

If you’re finished with the equipment (you might even find something you like more) you can return your gear any time after the minimum rental period.

If you love everything and want to keep it all forever, you can apply to buy any time. You don’t need to wait until the minimum rental period, you can apply to buy after one day if you want.

How do I buy my gear?

You can apply to buy any time, even after one day. There are no hidden fees for buying at one month, six months or three years. If you contact our team, we’ll help you finalise everything.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 6 or 12 months, depending on the goods you’ve selected. But keep in mind that’s only if you want to return your gear. You can apply to buy any time, even after one day.

We like to keep things simple. Plus, we would never stand in the way of true love. Sometimes you only need one day to know you’ve found the one.

How do I return my gear?

It’s simple. All you need to do is give our team a call on 1300 858 911 or send them a quick email with your details to info@studio19.com.au. They will help you organise a pickup. There is a return freight fee for this option though.

Or, if it’s easier, you can drop the gear back to the store you got it from. If you take in, give us a call to let us know so we can double-check all rental payments have been stopped.

Do I need to return all my gear at the same time?

Not at all. When you’re trying new things, you have to find the right fit. You might love your camera but be ready for a new lens. Or you love the guitar but you’re ready to upgrade your amp.

You can return one item and keep the other. Again, get in touch with our team on 1300 858 911 or send a quick email to info@studio19.com.au. We’ll help you organise everything.

What about insurance?

We offer an optional protection plan with most of our gear. Our protection plan is different from insurance and doesn’t cover every eventuality. It does protect you from accidental damage, fire and theft in Australia though. Our team will be happy to run through this with you have you have any specific questions.

Checking with your own insurance company is a good idea. Often rentals are covered by your contents insurance.

How are payments debited?

To keep things simple, payments are charged on a set date each month from a debit or credit card. If a payment date falls on a weekend or a national public holiday, your payment will come out on the next business day.

What if I miss a payment?

Missing a payment happens. If you know your payment is going to bounce, let us know a business day before and we will hold it for you. If we don’t have time to hold the payment for you a $16 fee will be added to your account. Please don’t be concerned though, missing one payment has no negative impact on your credit score.

What if I rent for the full 36 months? Do I automatically own the goods?

What if I rent for the full 36 months? Do I automatically own the goods?
If you continue to rent for the maximum 36 months, we will contact you and help you finalise your agreement. But you don’t automatically own the gear. Because it is a rental, there is always a one-off payment at the end to own the goods.

The longer you rent, the smaller that payment becomes due to the item devaluing. For example, if you were to apply to buy at one month, the cost is very close to the original value of your item. Whereas, if you apply to buy at 36 months the cost is more likely to be around the value of one rental payment.

Please see the rental calculator to get an idea of the apply to purchase pricing.

Want to get your next ride with Studio19?

Let our team help get you on your new bike sooner with Studio19! Fill out the form here with information on the bike make & model you're interested in or from the "Enquire Now" button on every product page and our team will get this process underway for you.