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Price match guarantee*

TBSM regularly monitors the local bicycle market to make sure that you can get the best deal on your new ride from a store that you trust. If you have seen a lower advertised price on a bike that you are looking for please request a price match from our friendly staff. To request a price match click on the "ENQUIRE NOW" below the bike that you are interested in, or click this link and follow the prompts. Please add your full contact details and also a URL link to the advertised bike.
*Bike must be in stock at at the alternate dealer and available from TBSM. TBSM reserves the right to deny a price match if the bike is priced at or below cost.

Privacy Notice

Privacy Policy

The Bike Shed Mortdale (TBSM) recognizes that the internet is a vastly growing medium which can be a big risk to personal privacy if abused. That's why we have taken the following steps and procedures to ensure that your personal information cannot be used against you.
As a registered Australian business, we are bound by the Information Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 which ensures that your personal information will not get exploited for any form of un-professional conduct.


Personal Information

When you visit tbsm.com.au either as a guest or login as a user, we have access to personal information which we use to help develop our website which allows us to enhance your online shopping experience. The information which we have access to for visitors and guests on our website includes details such as your personal IP address and your computing system details. These include the details such as the internet browser you are using or the size of your monitor ect…
When you log into our website as a customer, you are entering very private information. It is our professional duty to ensure that your information is stored securely using SSL encryption in our secure web server. Your information will only be retrieved and used for business reasons regarding our online products and services.


Use Of Information

Collection of your computer system details are only used for purposes such as the size of our site, the quality of photo's and images and the amount of data which we will store on the website. We will not, under any circumstances, give your IP address details or use them in anyway which may cause invasion of privacy or harm from third party users.
Your details of address, phone numbers, fax numbers, email address and any financial details such as credit card information and bank account details will only be used at your discretion and only for the purpose of purchasing products or services off our online store
We may share your personal information with other parties, but only those who are associated with our products or services. Examples include: your information (address and delivery details) being entered and retrieved by the Australia Post E-parcel system and the Smart Send courier systems. Other parties which may receive your personal information include the manufacturers and distributors of any of the products and services that we offer, whether it be for sales, enquiries or warranty issues which have to be directly dealt with by the manufacturer or distributor/importer.


Use By Third Parties

The use by third parties is strictly at a professional level and your information will only be shared with them in order to fulfill your requests or answer your queries. The third parties are also bound by this same privacy act and are dedicated to protecting your personal information.



TBSM protects all your information and data as mentioned above both in the physical and electronic aspects. Our server network which we access your information through is physically protected from intruders and our computers are monitored and fire-walled to ensure that no external un-authorised access to our system is possible. Your personal details are stored on a remote web server protected by secure socket layer transmission (SSL) and our web server cannot access the information stored without our disclosure.
We have taken all possible steps into securing your personal information, but as with anything on the internet, we cannot protect any unseen factors from corrupting your computing network for any reasons out of our power.


Access To Information

You have the right to access all of the personal information kept on record. Your details such as addresses and phone numbers are accessible once you go into the 'my account' area of our website. You can request to un-subscribe to our newsletters or mailing list at any time or choose to have your personal information removed from our database.


Public Information

Any public information which is displayed on our website (such as product reviews) is monitored by TBSM but is not controlled by it. We will ensure that any harmful or misleading publicly posted information will be removed from our website.



Cookies are data that a website transfers to an individual's hard drive for record keeping purposes. They are used to facilitate and enhance a user's ongoing relations and use with the site. At TBSM, cookies allow the site to store your shopping cart and items which you have recently viewed, thus allowing you to save time and have a more hassle free online-shopping experience. We can use cookies in our system to see which products you have in your shopping cart and to provide help with any product that you may be interested in.
If you would not like this feature when visiting tbsm.com.au, you can turn cookies off through your internet browsers options menu.


What else you should know about privacy on the Internet

When you have finished using tbsm.com.au, make sure you close the browser and log out of your account to ensure details you may have entered in the session are not accessible for any other user on that particular computer. This becomes especially important if you visit the site from a public access point or a computer where you are unsure of the future users of that particular computer.


For Further Information

If you have any questions regarding privacy matters of information disclosed on our website, feel free to send us an email and we will take your question seriously and answer you in a professional manner.