The TBSM retail store features a professionally equipped workshop run by a team of experienced mechanics who are on hand to help you get the most out of your bike. Our workshop team have the right tools and experience to build, service, diagnose or repair any bicycle; from kids and family bicycles through to high end mountain, road, commuter or BMX bicycles.

Service Timeframes

Here at TBSM we understand how important your bike is; whether it be a way to get to work, a main form of exercise, a competition rig, or something to have fun with on the weekends. To minimise downtime from riding our workshop are able to complete a large range of jobs on-the-spot while more complex jobs are generally completed next business day.


General Service

Keep your bike running how it should with our General Service. In the general service TBSM mechanics will tune and adjust your bike's gears and brakes while repairing minor buckles to wheels and checking all bolts are torqued correctly.

Deluxe Service

If you have a big ride coming up or your bike's maintenance has been neglected for a while then the Deluxe Service is right for you. Our Deluxe Service is a comprehensive bike overhaul where our workshop mechanics will strip down most parts of your bike to thoroughly clean and relubricate chains, cassettes, bottom brackets, headsets and hubs (when serviceable).


Ever jumped on your bike to go for a ride only to realise you forgot to repair it after your last ride? Our workshop mechanics provide on-the-spot servicing and repairs for most jobs to get you back on your bike sooner.


Regular maintenance and servicing will significantly increase the life of your fork or shock while improving the overall performance of your bike. Further improve your bike’s performance with a custom tuned shock to suit you, your bike and your riding style by TBSM’s suspension service technician.


Whether you’re after a quick true & tension or a custom wheel build our workshop mechanics will be able to get your bike rolling straight and true.


Improve traction, reduce rotational mass and reduce the chance of a pinch flat by making the switch to tubeless. Our mechanics are trained and experienced in both MTB and road tubeless applications.


A correctly bled hydraulic brake system will dramatically improve the performance and safety of your bike. Don’t put up with a spongy feeling hydraulic brake by having it bled by TBSM’s mechanics.

Shimano Di2 Centre

Is your Di2 drivetrain not shifting as fast or smoothly as it should? Our workshop mechanics are able to provide diagnostics, tuning and upgrades to your electronic Di2 drivetrain in the TBSM Shimano Di2 Centre.


Take the pain out of fitting your next set of tubular tyres by leaving it to the professionals. Our mechanics here at TBSM are trained to fit up your tubulars for pickup next business day.