Park Tool Chain Tool


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Product’s Desciption
Park Tool Chain Tool CT-3.2

A shop favorite updated to work on all chains including 1/8", 3/16" single-speed chains and 5- to 11-speed 3/32" derailleur chains. Because of the tremendous force needed to remove chain pins, the Park Chain Tool is made from investment cast steel.

  • Fine thread and comfortable size for easy removal of even the toughest chain pins
  • Intended for both single-speed and derailleur type chains
  • Sliding shelf to accommodate any width chain
  • Also works on "half link" chain
  • The shelf fastener sizing is preset to allow easy adjustment from one width chain to another—any attempt to lock the shelf in place will result in damage to the tool
  • CT-3.2 will NOT peen Campagnolo chain rivets
Additional Information
  • Model: RCT3NANA
  • Manufactured by: Park Tool

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