Elite Ozone Gift Pack


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Elite Ozone Gift Pack

The Elite Ozone Gift Pack contains Elite Depol Mousse, Elite Warming Oil and Elite Chamois Protect Cream in one great value package!

Elite Depol Mousse

Elite Depol Mousse is for use in hair-removal associated with sport and physical activity, designed to act effectively and rapidly on men’s hair. It works in 4-12 minutes, depending on hair’s structural features, usually without producing any irritation. Aloe, Glycerine and Bisabololo, with their hydrating, refreshing and soothing action, plus the added ozonized sunflower oil, provide an important protective and emollient factor counteracting the impoverishing action usually found in this type of product.

Elite Warming Oil

The Elite Warming Oil combines the high performance properties of the Ozonized Warm up oil with a more intense thermal effect, ideal in particularly cold weather and unfavourable riding conditions such as rain, wind and fog. The active qualities allow the rider to maintain a pleasantly “hot” sensation in the treated areas, even in conditions in which there is an unusual fast dispersion of body hear such as in open water swimming or winter sports.

The Ozone content ensures that muscles remain oxygenated and warmed-up during activity, fiving you the ability to maximise the advantage of a fast and effective warm-up whilst minimising risk of injuries caused by cold starts.

Elite Chamois Protect Cream

Elite Chamois Protect Cream is an emulsion designed to protect and hydrate areas of the skin subject to rubbing, sweating and irritations caused by close contact with clothes, shoes or other objects. Suitable for all sport activities, it is particularly indicated for bicycle racing and recommended for both men and women. In addition to soothing and anti-reddening principles, it contains ozonized sunflower oil which prevents microbial growth and helps skin repair processes.

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  • Model: E0040105
  • Manufactured by: Elite

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