Leatt Brace DBX Comp II Mike Day Edition

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Leatt DBX Comp Mike Day Neck Brace

Introduced in 2011, the Leatt DBX Comp II is a neck brace made to save lives. The Mike Day Edition is a signature version, and comes in super stylish blue colour scheme that looks exceptional!

Underneath the blue shell lies the heart of the Mike Day brace, a Leatt DBX Comp II neck brace. Built upon years of extensive research and development, the DBX Comp II provides excellent protection without sacrificing range of motion. The low-cut DBX style causes very little interference with your helmet, giving you increased range of motion when riding down steep grades.

Made from a combination of advanced plastics and reinforced with fibreglass, the DBX Comp II is tough. So tough, in fact, that this brace is CE rated as Personal Protective Equipment. With its Alternative Load Path technology, collarbone relief section, breakaway rear strut, and crush zones, the brace directs impacts away from vital areas, helping to prevent injuries if you have a really bad crash.

Fully adjustable, the DBX Comp II has six areas that can be independently adjusted. It also comes with a thoracic spacer and everything that you need to dial in the perfect fit. When it comes to neck braces, it’s very important that riders take the time to adjust them correctly; and once adjusted, riders will hardly notice that they are wearing the DBX Comp II.

The DBX Comp II Mike Day Edition is an excellent brace for BMX and mountain biking—not only does it provide all the protection of the DBX Comp II, but it also looks excellent in Mike Day's signature blue!

  • World famous BMX Racer, Mike Day’s Signature DBX Comp brace in his signature Mike Day Blue
  • Features Mike’s autograph on the bottom front plate
  • Mike Day’s race number ‘365’ is displayed on the thoracic strut
Additional Information
  • Model: L010003017x
  • Manufactured by: Leatt

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