Body Geometry Fit

TBSM is proud to offer Body Geometry Fit in-store to help you get a better ride by increasing comfort, efficiency, and power output. Body Geometry Fit is a comprehensive bicycle fitting methodology, developed over three decades through a partnership between Dr. Andy Pruitt EdD PA, Boulder Centre for Sports Medicine, and Specialized Bicycle Components.

Liam has successfully completed the Body Geometry Fit course at Specialized Bicycle Components University and is now our in-house Body Geometry Fit Specialist.

Our dedicated fitting studio creates a comfortable and distraction free environment to allow you to make the most of your one-on-one fitting appointment with our Body Geometry Fit Specialist. TBSM also stocks a large range of fit related products such as saddles, stems, handlebars, shoes, and footbeds, to help maximise the level of comfort and efficiency of a Body Geometry fit.

What's involved in a Body Geometry Fit

During a Body Geometry fit all contact points between the you and your bike are carefully analysed and adjusted while taking into consideration your experience, goals, strength and flexibility. A Body Geometry Fit will generally take between 2-3 hours with a follow-up appointment available 30 days after the initial appointment.

1. Pre-Fit Interview

A short interview for our fitter to gain an understanding on your cycling background, your riding style, how often you ride, whether you have any previous injuries, and whether you have any pains or concerns when riding at present.

2. Pre-Fit Assessment

An 18 step assessment to evaluate your body's natural position, evaluate flexibility and to gauge if there are any limitations which may have been caused from a previous injury.

3. Ride Analysis & Adjustment

With your bike on our stationary trainer and you in your riding gear our fitter will analyse all contact points between you and your bike while riding under various simulated conditions in order to determine the most comfortable and efficient ride position.

4. Follow-Up

On completion of the Body Geometry Fit our fitter will schedule a follow-up discussion to review how you have adapted to the new fit and to answer any questions or concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Body Geometry Fit only for professional riders?

Definitely not! Body Geometry Fit caters for riders of all skill levels and from all riding backgrounds; professional racers, weekend warriors and even the most recreational riders will benefit from a Body Geometry Fit. While the riding goals for each rider will vary, the desired outcome of a more comfortable and efficient bike fit remains the same. Who wouldn't want to be more comfortable and more efficient on their next ride?

How much does it cost?

The cost of a Body Geometry Fit appointment at TBSM costs $350 and includes a 30 minute follow-up appointment within 30 days from the initial fit.

What do I need to bring?

For your appointment please bring along your bike, riding shoes and riding apparel. Bear in mind that during a Body Geometry Fit you will be cycling on a stationary trainer so a change of clothes for after is recommended. Please contact our fit specialist if you would like to organise a Body Geometry Fit for a bicycle you are yet to purchase.

Does my bike have to be new? What if I've purchased my bike elsewhere?

Bikes of all ages, models and brands are welcome in our Body Geometry Fit studio.

Does Body Geometry Fit work with all bikes?

It certainly does! The Body Geometry Fit methodology can be applied to road, mountain, time trail and fitness/hybrid bikes. While each style of bike will require a slightly different fitting approach all require the same process for the pre-fit physical assessment.

I own multiple bikes. Can the fit be carried over to these?

Yes, however additional time will be required to carry out changes on each additional bike. Please contact our fit specialist to

I've had a bike fit in the past however am starting to feel uncomfortable. Will a new fit help?

Bicycle fitting is dynamic and can change over time due to a number of factors such as: stress, injury, changes to riding style or changes to amount of time spent on the bike. Through the pre-fit physical assessment a new Body Geometry Fit will take into account your body's current state in order to optimise comfort and efficiency for how your body has adapted.


Talk To Our Fit Specialist

Have any questions about Body Geometry Fit? Interested in booking in for a Body Geometry Fit Appointment? We'd love to hear from you! Our Body Geometry Fit Specialist Liam can be reached at TBSM on (02)9586-0138 or by email from the following form.

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