Enve SES 6.7 wheel review

Thanks to Lachlan Mackay for this review

The first thing I noticed about these wheels was how light they were. I picked them up and thought geez they feel lighter than my Kysrium SL’s, but with such a deep rim profile surely they couldn’t be? So I put them on the scales and to my surprise they weighed in at 1507g for the pair (702g front and 805g rear) making them only a few grams heavier than the Kysriums (about 1485g)!

The Enve SES 6.7 wheels are carbon clinchers with 60mm and 70mm deep rims connected to DT 240 Swiss hubs via short DT bladed spokes. They hail from Utah in the US and were released a bit over 12 months ago.

So the wheels were light but how would they perform? All I can say is they performed awesomely! I had only ridden 500m up the road and I knew these wheels were good. They were very stiff and gave great feedback from the road, the feedback is something not everyone likes but on a decent bike with a compliant frame these wheels are ideal. These wheels make you feel like you are really flying along, whether it is the positive feedback from the road or whether these wheels are actually fast I don’t know but they are a dream to ride. According to Enve these wheels have a better aero profile than the benchmark Zipp 404s and even the 808s!

I found that the deep rims didn’t present a problem in either calm or windy conditions, they were very predictable and presented a consistent and safe response in all conditions. The front wheel did get blown around a bit but this is normal for deep profile rims or even for wheels with bladed spokes.

In summary these wheels are light, stiff, predicable and according to my Strava uploads they were fast. Overall they are a magic wheel