Yeti SB-66 now in store @ TBSM

We unwrapped our first two Yeti SB-66 frames today which will be built up a little later today then put on display at TBSM. In store will be a Lime Green with a Shimano XT kit and a Black built with a XTR kit.

Yeti SB-66 frame now in stock at TBSM

For those who have been living under a rock and have not heard about Yeti’s exciting new “Super Bike”, check out:,58


*NOTE: Date has been changed to Sunday 16th October.

Save the date people … We’re returning to Mt Annan for a ride day and this time we’re bringing a whole swag of demo bikes with us. We’ll have lots of demo bikes from all our major brands for you to test on the track

We’ll also be putting the BBQ on for the day.


More details on specific demo bikes to follow

Be there.

*NOTE: There will be a race held at Mt Annan the week prior to our planned Ride/Demo day. If this race is cancelled due to bad weather it will be moved forward one weekend meaning our Ride/Demo day will be moved to a later date (which will be advised 1 week prior to the Ride/Demo day).

And now for something completely different

Thanks to Ashley curtis for sending this report through.


I just got back from South Korea, the Asia Pacific Unicycle Championships.
Awesome experience, 3 days of unicycle events. Day 1 track races, day 2 was the 10km & day 3 was unicycle hockey.

There were 400 competitors, mostly in junior categories. There were 10 riders from Australia. Other countries competing were Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and the host country South Korea.

Team Australia won the hockey, we beat South Korea 4:2 in the final. Unicycle hockey is the most awesome sport I have ever played. It’s similar to inline hockey, fast and so fun to play. We beat Singapore 11:1, Hong Kong 4:1, Korea under 21s 3:0 and drew with South Korea in the rounds 2:2. Our team was made up of 2 riders from Canberra, 1 Melbourne and the rest Sydney-siders, all rapt for the win.

My other main event was the 10km, I completed it in 30.03 minutes. I received first in my age group but was beaten overall by a rider from Japan in the age group under me. But happy with 2nd overall.

I came 4th overall in the 100m, first in my age group, with a PB time of 13.86 seconds, that is a new Aussie record. The three that beat me were all teenagers from Japan, The fastest rider was under 12 seconds, which is around world record time.

There are world unicycle titles every two years (Unicon), the next is August 2012 in Italy, that I am hoping to get to.

Australia has a national unicycle competition (Uninats) every couple of years. Events include track, road & mountain races, street, trials, artistic, unicycle hockey & basketball.

I reckon anyone with a bit of perseverance can ride a unicycle, give it a go.

Also big thanks to all the TBSM guys, for always giving us the best advice & help.

Ashley Curtis