Kyle McLennan’s Yackandandah VDHS Rd 5 report

The VDHS rolled into the small rural town of Yackandandah for the fifth round of the series. We were once again greeted with clear skies and cool breezes … perfect! Two local clubs, Albury and Beechworth, had been hard at work preparing the track for the race and had got it into great condition. Thankfully the starting point of the track had been changed to lower down the hill, sparing everyone of the grueling hike up to the top. The weekend was a rich mix of speed, scrubs, whips, stacks and smiles … what more can you ask for?

The field of riders, no matter what the age group, were separated by not only speed in the corners and technical sections, but also by who was willing to stomp on the pedals when things leveled off. My qualifying was a bit messy, but still managed to come down in 20th position, and in the race run I managed to knock a further 5 seconds off despite almost throwing it away at the top. James was enjoying his new ride, although getting the suspension dialed in will take some time. Rhys Atkinson showed once again that he’s the man to beat at Yack, fending off a very determined Connor Fearon by 2 seconds. Leonie Picton once again took out the Elite Women’s class, showing that her upcoming trip to the Worlds is well deserved.

Once again, a fantastic weekend at the VDHS.

Thanks guys.

Photos are from Rotorburn’s ‘Whitie’.

SHIMANO XTR SHADOW PLUS derailleur for Trail usage coming in June

A new addition to the SHIMANO XTR Dyna-Sys drivetrain is the RD-M985 SHADOW PLUS rear derailleur. It features a switch at the pulley cage to enforce a heavier spring tension and activate a friction stabilizer to counteract the forces of up and down chain momentum in rough terrain.

Chain bouncing can often cause noise as the chain slaps the top and bottom of the chain stay, or even derail from the front chain ring in extreme circumstances.

The switch when selected to the “ON” position dampens the cage and consequent chain movement for a nearly silent and stable riding experience. In the “OFF” position it eases the installation and removal of the rear wheel by relaxing the spring tension of the cage.

Kyle McLennan’s Vic Champs report

The much anticipated Victorian Championships were held at Mt. Beauty on one of the most loved tracks in the state. The track was running fast and loose, thanks to the clear and sunny skies (which was a pleasant change).

Crashes were aplenty, with the main rock garden, (despite being only 7 or 8 metres long), claimed countless victims including myself during practice. One of the larger rocks caught my front wheel and sent me flipping off the outside of a ledge, leaving me with a destroyed seat and seat-post. The ride down wasn’t very enjoyable to say the least! (See photo for seat sticking out of pocket) I managed to catch up with James, a new rider to the TBSM crowd.

Although I didn’t get around to doing a run down with him, he seemed to be getting down alright. It was good to see another rider from TBSM at one of the Victorian races, spreading the good word.

Congratulations to all the Victorian Champions, and in particular, Dean Lucas for the fastest time of the day and taking out the Under 19’s category.
Thanks Guys!

Photos are by Rotorburn’s ‘Spinner’ and ‘Whitie’.