Rocky Trail MTB GP, Mt Annan report

TBSM attended the opening round of the Rocky Trail MTB GP last Saturday under various guises. Mark and Kizbot were manning the mobile workshop/store, and the rest of us were racing. It was great to see all the TBSM racers decked out in the new kit, I’m sure we had the most team riders. If you count all the TBSM supported Bernard riders to, we had a massive presence at the race.

Huge thanks to Michael Crummy for this Photo of me, Check out his Blog at

Most of the guys were racing the 4hr solo and they left the start line just after 9 which left me and Duncan the only TBSM guys racing the 8hr solo, we started a few minutes later.

I have trouble pacing myself at the start and usually smash out the first few laps, this race was no different. It was a good thing the first couple of laps had a fair bit of traffic which kept my pace down. Saying that though, with the massive turnout and the short track, traffic was never a problem after a couple of laps with plenty of passing opportunities and friendly riders.

The Bernard boys rocking the beats

Racing settled into a solid rhythm, i was lapping consistently between 27 and 31 mins and keeping the cramps at bay. The track was hard work but really rewarding with some really fun sections, especially the bermed DH section out in the open … so good. The 4hr mark came and went and the track got much quieter, it was now all about holding on until the end.

Andre flying through the transition area

As 5 o’clock neared i was having a bit of a battle with the cramps, any sudden movements and they were upon me. I struggled through and crossed the finish line in a time of 8hrs 2mins (16 laps, 113km) for 6th place in Elite Solo, happy with the result.
The rest of the TBSM guys did really well too:
Duncan Finished 6th in 8hr Solo Masters with 14 laps
Neil Thompson finished 7th in 4hr Solo Super Master with 6 laps
Tai finished 44th in 4hr solo elite with 7 laps
Simo (in his first enduro) finished 46th in solo elite with 7 Laps.
The Elite Bernard Riders team (Andre and Michal) finished an awesome 2nd place in 8hr Team2 Elite, well done guys!

Another awesome race from the Rocky trail, thanks again to Martin and Juliane.

Can’t wait for the next one at Awaba in July, TBSM will once again be out in force … now back to training!
P.S. Don’t forget to check out Michael Crummy’s Blog for more photos and race reports.

VDHS Round 4, Mt. Baw Baw from Kyle McLennan

The Friday of the race weekend was chilly at the bottom of the hill, and we were fearful of the conditions being worse up the top. After speaking to a Parks ranger who’d just been at the top our concerns were realised; he described the weather as being ‘Mizzle’, (miserable drizzle).
It was freezing to say the least, and I soon discovered that it would’ve been wise to check what I’d packed, finding that the warmest stuff I had packed was were t-shirts and shorts!

The track had had little work done on it after the rain and recent national round held there, leaving a well worn track before practice even began. It would be an understatement to say that people weren’t keen on rushing out to practice on the wet and icy track. As the sun started to come out, so did the riders. The shuttles were the best I’ve experienced in the last year or two, with the 9 mini-buses and 7 or so trailers the turnaround was incredible! The track was great fun to ride, even with the few muddy sections which I’m not awfully fond of. Despite being the lowest attended round of the series so far, it still managed to bring in just short of 300 riders.

My race run was far from blistering, but was relatively clean, with only one or two blown turns. I was well out of contention for qualifying unfortunately; turns out I’ll need to conjure up more time on the bike if I plan on pushing my way up… Anyway, dead keen to go and blast a few runs at Thredbo!

Kyle McLennan