3 Ring Circus on a Unicycle

The 3 Ring Circus, an off-road event in Wingello State Forest, Southern Highlands, NSW, was held last weekend 21-22 July.

Over 600+ riders over the weekend which held a 20km night race on the Saturday. And the main event, 50km on the Sunday, I competed in the 50km with only 3 riders in the unicycle category. I ride a 26″ KH geared unicycle. It has 2 gears, 1:1 and 1:1.55. I finished 1st in the unicycle category with a time of 4hr 10sec. The fastest mountain biker finished it in about 1hr 57min. This was my first big off-road event like this, was absolutely buggered by the end of it, but a great experience. Awesome riding side by side with the mountain bikers. Everyone was really nice and supportive to see us unicyclists there. A really good event.

Next is the Highland Fling, in November. I’m planning to do the Half Fling, 55km. More unicyclists are expected at this one.

Come say hi if you see us there. Ash.

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