Maxxis Hookworm 20"

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Maxxis Hookworm 20" BMX Tyre

The original urban assault tire, designed to take the abuses of the most aggressive street style riders. Bead-to-bead tread provides durability and traction whether you're dropping staircases, grinding rails or riding in your local skate park.


Wirebead: A sturdy material is needed to hold the tire against the rim when inflated. Wire is used to ensure the bead will not expand, but wire is also heavier.

Folding: Foldable beads also stay tight to the rim but are lighter weight and easier to transport. The bead is made of an Aramid or Kevlar material.

TPI: TPI stands for threads per Inch. It defines the number of threads contained in one inch of the tire casing. The lower the number of TPI, the larger the gauge cords in the casing. Thus, the more durable the tire becomes. The higher the TPI, the more lightweight the tire becomes and the more supple the ride of the tire.

Dual or 2PLY: Two 60 TPI (threads per inch) casings vulcanized with butyl rubber and reinforced sidewalls make up Maxxis downhill casings, which are world renowned for performance and reliability. Maxxis DH casings provide more stability at high speeds and allow for lower air pressure without the risk of pinch flatting.

Compound Durometer: It is an international standard for measuring the hardness of rubber in Shore "A" units. The Maxxis eXCeption line of tires at 62a Durometer is more rigid than soft Maxxis Super Tacky(ST), which is 42a.

Size (ETRTO) TPI Bead Weight (g) Compound Max Psi Bike Tech
20X1.95 ( 53-406 ) Black 60 WIRE 720 SINGLE 110
Additional Information
  • Model: MHW20195
  • Manufactured by: Maxxis

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