Fox Mounting H/Ware 5-Piece Alloy 8mm x 56.01mm


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Product’s Desciption
Fox Shox Mounting 5-piece Hardware

Rear shock mounting hardware, also known as reducers, are vital for just about any dual suspension bike. Fox have recently re-designed their shock mounting hardware system into a new 5 piece system incorporating a 2 piece polymer bushing for reduced friction.

Benefits include:
  • LESS FRICTION The new resin hardware reduces friction by nearly 50% compared to traditional mounting hardware, allowing the shock to respond faster to all linkage movements.
  • CLEAN AND DURABLE O-rings and the flanged bushing design blocks out dirt and mud. In lab tests, shocks submerged in muddy slurry lasted 10 times longer with the new hardware.
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED All pieces to the hardware system can be mounted to the shock and removed by hand.
  • SELF-CONTAINED Shocks are shipped with all hardware in place. No more zip ties, cutting or prepping — just mount and ride.

Note: if you need help choosing which sized reducers will fit your bike/shock then please email through your current bike including model and year and we will work out which reducers will suit!

Price is for a (5 piece) aluminium pin shock reducer which fit into one end of your shock.
Reducer has a hole diameter of 8mm and an overall width (both reducers + shock eyelet) of 56.01mm.

Additional Information
  • Model: FX80303198
  • Manufactured by: Fox Racing Shox

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