ODI TLD Signature Grips

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Product’s Desciption
ODI Troy Lee Designs Signature Lock-on Grips

Odi enlisted the help of the design team at Troy Lee Designs to create the new TLD Signature model and have come up with one of their best grips yet. The unique grip pattern of the TLD Sig. uses collapsible angled pads to provide comfort and increased grip when pulling up/back on the bars. Further comfort is provided with subtle flanges which have been specially designed to allow plenty of room for thumb shifting.

  • Grooved Channels prevent mud and water buildup
  • Overmolded flap gives added protection on outside clamp
  • Unique Undercut pads give slim comfortable feel with the ultimate amount of grip
  • Custom flanged design provides hand support with more usable grip surface
  • Etched inside clamp provides clocking system to assist on installation
  • Includes two grips, 4 locking rings (2 per grip), 4 ring bolts and 2 end caps
Additional Information
  • Model: D30TLxx-x
  • Manufactured by: ODI

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