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Wheels MFG Hanger 48



Product’s Desciption
Wheels Manufacturing Derailleur Hanger

Wheels Manufacturing machined derailleur hanger.

Hanger suits;

Claud Butler

Hanger #48 : Aka K


Hanger #48 : 2009: Recoil, Overdrive, Response
2008 Lux, Override, Response, Recoil, Overdrive
2006 Response, Comp, Sport, Coil EX, XSL, Trail
2005 Assault, Axis, Apex, Topanga Comp, XSL (Comp, Trail, Elite), SL Super, Coil EX, Response (Sport), Wildwood (Deluxe)
2004 Response, Topanga EX, Comp, Carolina, Apex, Coil EX, XSL (Trail, Comp), SL Super, Wildwood(DLX), Axis Frame
2003 Sorrento, Response, Carolina, Topanga (Comp, Comp Disc), Apex Coil SS, XSL, XSL Trail, SL Super,Wildwood, DLX, Miramar, Ventura, Axis Frame
2002 Topanga, Topanga Comp, Wildwood Deluxe, Oakpoint, Crestview
2001 XTS Series, Topanga Comp, Topanga, Response, Sorrento, Sport, Oak Point
2000 Crestview, Oakpoint, Response, Response Sport, Sherwood, Topanga, Topanga Comp, X-Link, X-2, X-6, Xr-1, Xr-8, XR-4
1999 Expert, Response, SE, Sherwood, Team Issue, Topanga SE, Voyager, 2 & 3, X Series, XR Series, Zetec Comp
1998 Lakeside, Voyager (1, 2, 3) V-Link 1.2, V-6, V-8, V-10, Zetec Comp, Team Issue


Hanger #48 : Aka K


Hanger #48 :Aka K


Hanger #48 : Aka K


Hanger #48 : 1997 Lakeside, Response, V-Link (Pro, 1.1, 3.1) Zetec (Pro, 2.1, 4.1)
Additional Information
  • Manufactured by: Wheels Manufacturing

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