Cardo BK-1 Duo Bluetooth Intercom System


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Product’s Desciption
Cardo BK-1 Duo Bluetooth / Intercom System

The BK-1 Duo system includes two BK-1 systems to give you everything you need for handsfree intercom between two cyclists. New from Cardo the BK-1 is the world's first Bluetooth Cycling Communication and Entertainment system. The small and versatile Cardo BK-1 allows for simultaneous conversations via Bluetooth for up to 3 cyclists over a distance of up to 500m*. Further to this the Cardo BK-1 acts as an interface between the rider and a mobile phone for handsfree phone calls, GPS navigation and even music streaming from compatible devices.


The Cardo BK-1 allows simultaneous intercom cycling communication between 3 cyclists at a distances of up to 500 m / 1 640.4 feet. For added safety and convenience, the Cardo BK1 offers intuitive Voice Command operation as well as Click-to-Link® for spontaneous connections. Cyclists can therefore ride at a distance and still remain in touch.


With its intuitive embedded voice control technology, cyclists almost never need to remove their hands from the handlebars. A simple “yes”, for example, will accept an incoming call. Sharing quickly vital information between cyclists makes the ride a lot safer. High-end speakers hovering above the ears (without touching them), deliver excellent audio quality and maximum comfort while allowing awareness of the surroundings.

Design & Comfort

Aerodynamic and lightweight (under 50 grams), fully waterproof and dustproof (IP67) and adapts easily to any environmental conditions. The cyclist is not encumbered by wires and the speakers float without touching the ears.

Your World on the Move

While riding connect to your mobile phone, GPS device and MP3 player. The Cardo BK-1 is a revolutionary communication system that adds a whole new dimension to cycling. Whether you are on the road or cycling in the mountains, the Cardo BK-1 provides safeTy and freedom never experienced before.

  • Under ideal road and topographical conditions and line of sight
  • iPhone™ & Android smartphones compatible
Additional Information
  • Model: SRBK0113
  • Manufactured by: Cardo

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